Built on a Passion – Home Support Services

Built on a Passion


Virginia started nursing at the age of 17. During her initial years as a nurse, she continued seeing children and adult patients in hospital who, in her mind, could very easily be treated from home, thereby freeing up hospital beds, and allowing patients the benefits of remaining in their home environment.

Virginia’s views as to the need for change in the health system were compounded with a number of tragic family events, including her father being diagnosed with cancer. His dying wish was to spend his final days in the comfort of his own home, and being a nurse, Virginia took on the responsibility of coordinating the care for her father at home.

However, without the support of the health system, Virginia’s father was forced to spend the last two weeks of his life in hospital. This was a devastating situation for Virginia.

The culmination of her experiences with her father’s care, the tragic loss and illness of others close to her and her view on the inefficiencies in the existing health system resulted in Virginia forming the initial concept for Home Nurses (now Home Support Services).

Virginia’s vision was to fundamentally change the operating model of the health system and in turn alter the mindset that sick people must be treated in hospital. Virginia also understood that health needed to move away from the hospital system as the growth in health care was out stripping the services that hospitals could provide.

20+ years on, Virginia is still passionate about providing health care in people’s homes. HSS cares for over 20,000 patients every year, and if there is one more person out there who would benefit from this service, Virginia will work her hardest to ensure they receive the care they deserve in the comfort of their own home.