CASE STUDY: Meet Peter – Home Support Services

CASE STUDY: Meet Peter

After working with HSS health coaches Peter has drastically reduced his risk for stroke, cancers and further heart complications.

Peter is 54 years old. He came to HSS wanting to achieve some weight loss and reduce the impact of excess weight, on his future health. Peter worked with a HSS Dietitian and Registered Nurse over the phone and had an Exercise Physiologist visit him at home to achieve these goals.

Peter has a high stress job with long hours, and a history of heart disease, with a heart attack at 27 years of age. He was overweight and had a myriad of health conditions impacted by unhealthy lifestyle habits. These included Osteoarthritis, Asthma, Depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Peter was aware of what he “should” be doing and explained these issues to his health coach, “I eat the wrong thing and too much of it. I’m not getting enough exercise and I struggle to get motivated and I have swapped chocolate for wine as a coping mechanism for stress.”

After working with the health coaches, Peter replaced unhealthy habits with healthy ones; brought his Cholesterol and Blood Pressure within healthy ranges and without medication. He lost 10 kilograms and 10 centimetres from his waist and reported much higher confidence in managing his own health by the end of the program.