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Changing Lives Series – John

For most people, home is where they want to be; it’s comfortable and it’s familiar. Our in home care team understands and respects that and is passionate about delivering the care and support you need. Whether it’s short term in-home hospital care that gets you back home as quickly as possible after a hospital stay or rehabilitation and recovery services in the home after surgery or some other medical condition.

For John, after his recent surgical procedure, being at home was one of his key goals. With a history of metastatic cancer, John was used to being in and out of hospitals. After a short consult, John began to receive assistance with domestic cleaning and personal care needs, such as showering and social support, all whilst undergoing his therapy.

With such additional help, John has been able to focus on what is important. With a sense of support and care, he has been well on his way back to independence.

At the end of his care, John felt ‘fiercely independent’ and is now able to manage various personal and domestic activities such as showering, gardening and cleaning without the added assistance of others.

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