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HSS Nurse Advisors – the Frontline in Continence Support

This year’s World Continence Week is June 19-25. The theme, Incontinence: No laughing matter, tackles a common response by people to laugh off incontinence, accepting it as an inevitable part of childbirth or ageing, not a health issue requiring specialist treatment.

At HSS, we have Continence Nurse Advisors on the frontline of continence support in the community every day.

In a discussion we recently had with one of our Nurse Advisors, she explained the “no laughing matter” message was an important step towards encouraging people to treat incontinence seriously and seek help.

“The Continence Foundation’s digital #leakface campaign highlights the after-effects of bladder leakage which can be more than inconvenient and embarrassing,” our Nurse Advisor said.

“I treat people every day who are feeling the impacts of incontinence on their physical, social and psychological well-being.

“Even though it is an increasingly common problem, incontinence remains the elephant in the room with the majority of sufferers never seeking medical assistance or advice on management.

“There are so many options for the treatment and management of incontinence these days that it is completely unnecessary for you to suffer in silence.”

HSS Continence Nurse Advisors are Registered Nurses with extensive training in continence care. They can assess your condition and work with you to develop a management plan to suit your needs.

“My role is to identify causes, create treatment plans and empower you to be involved in all aspects of your care from the comfort and privacy of your own home,” our Nurse Advisor explained.

“We work with you discreetly providing uniquely personal care with the constant support of an expert clinical team.

“An important part of my role is to provide post hospital catheter education and management. A large part of my day is spent attending full continence assessments and education in relation to urinary and faecal incontinence issues.

“The biggest issue I see every day is that too many people are still too embarrassed to tell someone they no longer have control of a basic function they have been managing from a young age.

“It can be a tough step to take, but believe me the results of seeking help with your continence will be well worth it. Your treatment could well be life changing!”

“We are passionate about providing holistic and well managed care which supports you to remain independent and safe at home, and to live your life to the full,” our Nurse Advisor said.

“HSS Nurses pride themselves on being experts in all facets of nursing care and are trained to identify your specific and varied individual health needs.

“You can rest assured that your HSS Continence Nurse Advisor will help you become confident in your continence management so you can get back out there doing the things you love in life!”

Complete, understanding, respectful care in the privacy of your own home.