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What to plant in Autumn

The weather is cooling down in most parts of Australia, but your soil is still the perfect warm temperature to get all you new plants growing. Not a green thumb but still want your garden to be flourishing with beautiful and tasty home grown veg? Here’s 10 of the best and easiest plants and herbs to grow and take care of this season!

  1. Kale
    A fantastic superfood and an easy repeat harvest plant! Kale is a great staple for the garden and a healthy addition to your meals. Plant in a sunny position of your garden bed or pots, and mulch with hay or pea straw!
  1. Garlic
    March is the ideal time to get your garlic on, planting larger garlic bulbs with give you an additional advantage for having a healthy harvest. Make sure you don’t plant your fresh bulbs in an area that has recently grown garlic or other members from the onion family.
  1. Carrots
    Potentially one of the easiest vegetable to grow, home-grown carrots are full of flavor and texture! Carrots need a space that receives full sunlight, although they’re ok with partial shade too.
  1. Coriander
    You either love it or hate it – but this one will love to grow in the sunniest areas of your garden beds!
  1. Mushrooms
    Although you can grow mushrooms throughout most of the year, mushrooms excel in cooler temperatures. To make things easier, you can also purchase mushroom growing kits, make sure to store them in a dark cool space!
  1. Broccoli
    May be one of the most interesting to watch grow! Make sure to plant in a sunny spot with some protection from birds! This delicious vegetable can also grow quite large, so make sure to leave them at least 50cm of space to flourish.
  1. Snow Peas
    Most varieties of snow peas need something to grow and climb on, we suggest investing in a trellis or something for your tasty snacks to grow up.
  1. Spinach and Baby Spinach
    Spinach varieties do their best growing when in a most, nitrogen-rich soil. Spinach will do well in your garden, a pot or even in your kitchen window container, make sure to keep the soil nice and damn though!
  1. Rocket
    Rocket is a quick one to grow and ready to harvest in six to seven weeks. Water regularly and keep the soil fed. Keeping the soil moist will encourage leafy growth.
  1. Thyme
    Plant your thyme in a well-drained soil in direct sunlight. Similar to some other herbs, thyme can be tricky to grow from seed, so we recommend growing from cuttings.


Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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