CASE STUDY: Meet Bob – Home Support Services


Bob had a long history of lung and heart problems. His acute diverticulitis was causing him significant discomfort and his shortness of breath was making it hard for him to get out into his favourite spot…his workshop.

Bob was enrolled into the HSS Health Coaching Program where he gained a better understanding of his health conditions and medications.  He worked with his Health Coach to improve his diet and as a result reduced his discomfort . In collaboration with his Doctor, they developed an action plan for his diabetes and respiratory conditions.

An exercise physiologist visited Bob regularly at home and developed a regular, manageable exercise plan for him.  He can now recognise when his conditions are going downhill, and take early action to get them back under control.

For the first time in seven years Bob hasn’t needed to go to hospital with breathing difficulties. His blood glucose levels are well managed.  He can do more, and has greatly increased his confidence.

I now listen to my body and feel more in control, especially with my dietary education, which has helped me make long term changes to my choice of food.”

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*Names have been changed & stock photography used to protect our clients’ privacy