CASE STUDY: Meet Lyn – Home Support Services


In home care and diet chronic disease management.Lyn is a retired Registered Nurse who has a history of Chronic Heart Failure and Type 2 Diabetes.  She found exercising very hard because of her Heart Failure and had difficulty managing her fluid balance which put her health at risk by increasing the stress on her heart and lungs.

Lyn’s joined HSS’ Health Coaching program where she received guidance on ways to improve her overall health management.  Her Dietitian discussed the importance of good nutrition including a low salt diet to reduce fluid retention and dietary changes to improve her cholesterol & weight management.  This coincided with education on monitoring her blood sugars regularly.

I really enjoyed the Health Coaching Program, it was great to have a coach with so much knowledge, who was also there to listen to me and support me with my health. This program reinforced the knowledge I already had with Heart Failure and Diabetes as well as giving me information I didn’t know before. I felt the program also made me much more accountable for my health, when I sometimes felt like it was too hard.”

Lyn has been measuring her fluid balance at home, as well as weighing herself daily to keep her fluid balance in check.  She is now actively exercising and feels much more confident with the management of her conditions by learning to identify, record and report signs and symptoms that need to be communicated to her GP for early intervention.

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*Names have been changed & stock photography used to protect our clients’ privacy