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Changing Lives Series – Claudia

For Claudia, one of her main goals was to set and achieve small and sustainable life changes surrounding her health and diet. After signing up for HSS’ Health Coaching Program, Claudia received support from an Accredited Practicing Dietitian via phone communications.

Over the course of the program Claudia lost 25kg and had a 35cm reduction off her waist circumference. Feeling more confident and happier than ever, Claudia has improved her health immensely and taken on a healthy approach to her life. She has had many other health improvements, including a reduction in her cholesterol levels and experiences less aches and pains, resulting in significantly improved quality of life. Claudine achieved these health improvements by making incremental changes such as: exercising daily, reducing her sweet food intake and increasing her vegetable consumption.

Two years later Claudia has maintained these changes and lost another 9kg since completing the program. Claudia was very impressed with the program and stated, “I appreciate the support the program provided and found the nutrition resources useful. I have never been able to maintain weight loss prior to engaging with the Health Coaching Program”. Keeping up with the positive lifestyle changes, Claudia has integrated healthy living and healthy choices into her everyday lifestyle. Motivated by her progress, she will continue with her healthy choices and strive to be the best version of herself she can be.

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