Coronavirus (COVID-19) update | Home Support Services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Despite currently low numbers of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia, the virus is an ongoing risk to our health and wellbeing, particularly for older people and those with existing health conditions.

HSS is continuing to follow all recommended infection control protocols and any other Commonwealth and state or territory guidelines.

We are monitoring the situation closely and the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients remains our priority.

Below please find the latest information on how HSS is managing COVID-19.

What are we doing?

We continue to implement a range of measures to reduce potential risks associated with coronavirus, with a particular focus on reducing the risk of transmission.

  • On arrival to our head office, visitors need to check in via a Covid safe check QR code or provide their details
  • All of our team members are maintaining strict hand hygiene. Washing hands with liquid soap and running water and drying with a clean paper towel, before and after providing clinical care, and using antibacterial hand gel between clients
  • Appropriate protective clothing – aprons, masks, glasses, and gloves – is being worn in line with Government guidelines
  • Our staff complete hand hygiene and PPE training annually
  • Team members are practicing social distancing measures in our workplace
  • All equipment and surface areas are cleaned and disinfected after they have been used
  • In line with Department of Health guidelines in all states, masks are required to be worn when delivering care within 1.5m of clients unless otherwise specified by government directives
  • We have incorporated additional screening questions when booking client appointments to gain a better understanding of client health and wellbeing, and identify clients that pose a risk for coronavirus to ensure safety of staff and other clients
  • A reporting process is in place to advise if a client has any suspected symptoms of coronavirus
  • Our clinical management team continually review Government changes and advice, and continue to align our service delivery with these recommendations
  • We are communicating regularly with our team members to ensure everyone is updated with the latest information

Further information and resources

For the most up-to-date information and advice, including symptoms of COVID-19, how to protect yourself and slow the spread of the virus and COVID-19 vaccinations, please visit the Commonwealth Department of Health website here.

This site also includes links to all state and territory websites.

A guide on How to Stay Safe from COVID-19 can be found here and a range of visual resources developed by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission can be downloaded here.