Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH) | Home Support Services

Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH)

HSS’ Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH) Program enables clients to commence the rehabilitation and recovery phase within the comfort and security of their own home. Our experienced Case Managers work in collaboration with Medical Practitioners to ensure the most appropriate care is in place, coordinating an individual rehabilitation plan based on multidisciplinary service delivery and client centric goals.

Types of Services

Services available under the RITH program include:
• Cardiac
• Musculoskeletal
• Orthopaedic
• Respiratory
• Restorative & Reconditioning
• Falls Prevention

Support Services

HSS’ multidisciplinary approach to RITH incorporates a broad spectrum of clinical specialties and support services, including:
• Physiotherapy
• Assessment
• Treatment
• Occupational Therapy
• Home Environment Assessment
• Equipment provision
• Personal Care
• Registered / Specialty Nursing
• Domestic Assistance
• Dietetics
• Speech Therapy