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Corporate Wellness

HSS is dedicated to working in collaboration with businesses by assisting to develop a set of corporate health & wellness plans that are tailor made to suit your company’s specific needs.


We appreciate that time is money. We are able to coordinate and arrange all aspects of health-care for your company pulling any number of our services together to deliver a complete package of care. Our services can be carried out onsite at your preferred location and supported via a web portal that allows employees access to relevant information online.

Beyond keeping staff healthy, HSS can also offer services to help measure a potential candidate’s physical and emotional heath. HSS understands that different jobs require particular skills and subsequently produce different stressors and injuries. Therefore corporate health information and services can be tailored to the risks surrounding specific work tasks.

Services Provided

  • Health Checks – blood Pressure, blood glucose testing, assessment of cholesterol levels, height and weight measurements
  • Ergonomic assessments – Occupational Therapy consultation and education for staff performing specialised tasks in the field, through to office based employees needing assessment of their individual workspaces and specific work activities
  • Physiotherapy Services – promoting injury prevention through interactive education, treatment and consultation
  • Individual consultations – including identification and provision of information to reduce the risks attributed to contracting a Chronic Disease such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Respiratory Disease
  • Positive mental health tutorials
  • Skin checks
  • Audiometry Assessment – basic hearing assessment used to give an overall indication of a person’s hearing status. Where a loss is indicated, our trained staff can do further testing to accurately assess the loss of function
  • Arrange health & wellbeing seminars
  • Health & fitness assessments
  • Individual consultations specific to an employee’s health (ie injury rehabilitation using self massage, stretching, core strengthening and exercise prescription, back care)
  • Weight loss and exercise guidance
  • Assistance in facilitating Corporate Fitness events i.e., Corporate Games
  • Coordinating team sports such as volley ball tournaments, family fun days, fun runs and bicycle rides

Arrange Our Services

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