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Health Coaching

“This program has helped me become more aware of what I should and shouldn’t being doing for my health, especially talking to the dietitian.  I have an increased overall awareness of what I am eating, exercising and if something is going to stress me. So am better able to manage my lifestyle choices.” – Client testimonial

An innovative solution aimed at preventing the exacerbation of chronic disease through the utilisation of evidence based methodologies which target individual risk factors, and empower clients with the knowledge and skills to self manage their condition.


Wellbeing for Life Health Coaching

Small lifestyle adjustments can make big changes to your overall health and wellbeing.  HSS has developed an innovative coaching program aimed at preventing further health deterioration through targeting individual risk factors and providing support and education to help clients self manage their health and wellbeing.

Your healthcoach guides you through this process, step by step, helping you develop the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your health goals.

This program does not replace your GP or treating specialist but supports you between visits and is fully covered by many health funds, which means no out of pocket expenses to you.

How does Health Coaching Work?

Your health coach will phone you to gain an understanding of your health condition.  Telephone health coaching sessions will continue over a 6 month period at a time suitable to you.  You will receive an information work book to help guide you through each step.  If beneficial, your health coach can arrange in home visits.

Who will Be Delivering your Health Coaching?

This program is delivered by experienced Registered Nurses, Dietitians and Allied Health professionals from HSS.

Who is Health Coaching Suited For?

You can benefit if you:

  • Have health conditions such as (but not limited to) Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Asthma, Arthritis, Hypertension, Osteoporosis
  • Have recently been in hospital, rehabilitation or received medical intervention for one of these conditions
  • Would like to increase your understanding of how you can manage changes to your health
  • Need motivation and support to make the small lifestyle changes that will improve your overall health and wellbeing
  • Want to understand more about your cholesterol, blood results, BMI or recommended exercise levels
  • Would like to learn more about maintaining a healthy eating plan from our Dietitians
  • Wish to maintain a health weight and activity level

Services Provided

The services provided in this program include:

  • Health coaching
  • Individual goal setting
  • Behaviour and lifestyle modification
  • In home care as required
  • Risk factor modification
  • Education and support
  • GP / Specialist liaison

Arrange Our Services

Contact HSS and talk to one of our Health Coaches to determine your needs and eligibility for this program.

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