Home Maternity – Home Support Services

Home Maternity

Our Home Maternity Service can provide you with support, advice and the confidence to attend to all your baby’s needs, as well as your own, especially during those vital first days or weeks before community services may commence.


Post Natal Support

Providing you with reassurance, confidence and peace of mind when you need it most – on returning home. Our experienced midwives will provide you and your baby with the highest standard of holistic, post natal care to assist you to successfully manage your baby’s feeding and care needs in the relaxed environment of your own home during this exciting, but challenging time.

Early Hospital Discharge Support

If you decide you would prefer an early discharge from hospital and your Obstetrician and Paediatrician are agreeable – our experienced midwives will provide all aspects of your post natal care in your home, working collaboratively with your Medical Specialists, ensuring the best results are achieved for you, your baby and family.

Premature & Complex Baby Care

If your baby was born prematurely or has complex care needs and has required Nursery hospital care, HSS midwives can assist you to confidently manage your baby’s feeding and care when he/she is discharged home.

Domestic Support

Additional supportive services for a broad range of domestic and family home help (ie cleaning, shopping, laundry, meal preparation, family care activities) can be provided by our team of friendly, experienced carers, allowing you to rest and care for your baby without the added stress of domestic concerns.

Ante Natal Care Support

Before your baby is born, you may desire HSS assistance with your care, domestic and family support. We will work with you to ensure your pregnancy is as stress free as possible.

Services Provided

Post Natal Observation

  • Comprehensive post natal observations & checks for mother & baby to ensure well being & birth recovery

Feeding Management

  • Support with comprehensive feeding management
  • Breast feeding advice to assist lactation establishment

New Born Baby Care

  • Weight monitoring
  • Jaundice monitoring
  • Neonatal (Newborn) screening test if early discharge

Parenting Advice and Support

  • Emotional support for mother
  • Parenting advice & support for mother & her partner

Daily Routine Establishment

  • Assistance to establish a daily routine (ie feeding & sleeping patterns)

Multiple Birth Support

  • Feeding & care management support

Wound Management

  • Maternal wound management to ensure you recover as quickly and safely as possible

Premature & Complex Baby Support

  • Advice & support for premature or complex care babies
  • Naso gastric tube feeding
  • Home oxygen &/or respiratory support
  • Stoma care

Community Services Liasion

  • Liaison with community services for ongoing maternal & baby support – including medical specialists, the family GP and Child, Youth & Family Health Services.

Arrange Our Services

At HSS we pride ourselves on providing a premium level of care to our clients. Our complete care management service is one of a kind.

You or your family member can contact HSS to enquire or arrange HSS care by calling the phone number listed below or by clicking on ‘request more information’ and entering the relevant information.

Alternatively, your Obstetrician, Paediatrician or GP, or the Midwifery staff at your Maternity Hospital can also arrange your care with HSS.

You may be eligible to receive a rebate from your Private Health Fund to provide maternity care at home after baby’s birth (lactation / feeding assistance & domestic support). Enquire with HSS who can confirm your health fund eligibility

Contact Us

Phone – 1800 854 300

Email – hss@hss.com.au

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